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Totally Busted: How Goldman Repaid its TARP Loan
Source: Submitted: 12/19/2010
--Goldman repaid its $10 billion TARP loan. But just six days before this announcement, Goldman sold $11 billion of MBS (mortgage-backed securities) to the Fed. In other words, Goldman “repaid” the Treasury by secretly selling illiquid assets to the Fed.

One month later, Goldman’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein beamed, “We are grateful for the government efforts and are pleased that [the monies we repaid] can be used by the government to revitalize the economy, a priority in which we all have a common stake.”

As it turns out, the government continued to “revitalize” that small sliver of the economy known as Goldman Sachs. During the three months following Goldman’s re-payment of its $10 billion TARP loan, the Fed purchased $27 billion of MBS from Goldman. In all, the Fed would purchase more than $100 billion of MBS from Goldman during the 12 months that followed Goldman’s TARP re-payment.
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Raw Milk Wars
Source: Submitted: 12/15/2010
--So, if it's not really about food safety, what's all the hubbub about? In a word: money.

The conventional dairy industry, realizing that consumers are flocking toward raw milk because of its health benefits, has redoubled their efforts to quench raw milk sales.

You might think that if raw dairy became attractive enough the dairy industry would simply follow suit and begin producing raw products to meet the demand. Alas... this is virtually impossible because of the way their overcrowded farms are run.

You simply CANNOT drink factory farmed milk raw. It would be extremely unsafe. Their business depends on pasteurization, and that is why their powerful lobbyists will stop at nothing to persuade government agencies to keep raw milk bans in full force.

Big Dairy simply cannot compete, so to maintain their market share, they're employing dirty tactics to destroy the competition instead.
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Tricks Used to Pass the So-called "Food Safety" Bill
Source: Submitted: 12/13/2010
--What happened is infuriating. Many people on "our side" will be content to whine and complain about it. That's all they'll do. Others will blame it only on the Democrats while ignoring the fact that the Democratic leadership was using old Republican plays to do what they did. Still others will say that it's all hopeless, that we always lose so what's the point?

All of this is baloney. has proposed a realistic strategy to stop ALL of the things Congress just did.
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Fight Till The End (Video)
Source: Submitted: 12/12/2010
This 2-minute video will be hard for some of you to watch...reality can be harsh. That said, we need to face reality if we're ever going to defeat what we're up against. Tough it out.  Watch here »
Bill Murphy ( on Gold and Silver Price Manipulation (Video)
Source: YouTube Submitted: 12/12/2010
.  Watch here »
Ron Paul Says He WILL Lead the Monetary Policy Subcommittee (with Video)
Source: Submitted: 12/08/2010
Despite rumors that various splinter forces within the Republican party are attempting to block Ron Paul's fateful chairmanship of the Monetary Policy Subcommittee, we now have confirmation that the only sane politician left will now be Ben Bernanke's direct nemesis during any and all future Congressional spectacles starring the printing unchallenged one. And with US debt creeping ever closer to the debt ceiling, coupled with the dollar for dollar monetization of the US deficit, such spectacles will soon be plenty.  Watch here »
Oath-Keeper Stewart Rhodes: U.S. Law Enforcement Must Stand for Freedom
Source: Submitted: 12/05/2010
--My 2004 paper (available at: addressed the dangerous and unconstitutional Bush Administration claims that the President, as Commander-in-Chief, can have anyone, even American citizens, black bagged and held in military detention and then, if he so chooses, tried by a military tribunal (made up of his hand-picked officers) and executed. Such a practice is a direct violation not just of the right to Grand Jury indictment and jury trial under our Bill of Rights, but also violates the Article III Treason Clause, which very clearly mandates what must be done with Americans accused of making war against their own nation or of aiding the enemy in wartime – they must be tried for treason, in an Article III court, before a jury of their peers, and there must be two witnesses to the overt act or confession in open court before the accused can be convicted and executed. The Bush Administration claimed that the powers of the President as Commander-in-Chief trumped the Bill of Rights, and his lawyers willfully sidestepped the Treason Clause.

--Unfortunately, Obama has done nothing to refute, renounce, or disavow such claimed powers. To the contrary, Obama has merely continued Bush's reasoning, and now claims the power to assassinate any American citizen he thinks is an unlawful combatant in the war on terrorism, and he further claims that his citizens hit list is secret and that not even a court can review who is on it, and by what "secret" criteria he constructs his list.
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It's a long article but well worth reading.
Obama White House Interferes With Torture Prosecution
Source: Submitted: 12/03/2010
--"Here was a former head of the GOP and a representative of a new Democratic administration (headed by a president who had decried the Bush-Cheney administration's use of torture) jointly applying pressure on Spain to kill the investigation of the former Bush officials," writes Corn. "[A]s this WikiLeaks-released cable shows, Gonzales, Haynes, Feith, Bybee, Addington, and Yoo owed Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thank-you notes."  Read full article »
The Lifecycle Of Bureaucracy
Source: Submitted: 12/03/2010
--When an economy is growing rapidly, then the waste, fraud, duplication, inefficiency and bloat go unnoticed because tax revenues and the budget are rising even faster than the bloat and inefficiency. The problem arises when tax revenues fall. Then the bureaucratic impulse to never-ending growth is stymied, and the various bureaucracies turn inward as they muster their forces to wage internecine warfare with other protected fiefdoms.  Read full article »
9/11 Families Applaud Napolitano and Geraldo for Questioning Collapse of Building 7
Source: Submitted: 12/01/2010
--We who lost our loved ones on September 11, 2001 vigorously applaud Judge Andrew Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera for the courage they have shown in publicly questioning the official claim that the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 was due to fire.

--However, you would not know anything about our position if you are getting your information from outlets like Media Matters and the Huffington Post. On November 29, Media Matters published an article entitled, “9/11 Victim Families Criticize Judge Napolitano Comments,” in which four 9/11 family members were quoted as attacking Judge Napolitano, without a single mention of the more than one-hundred 9/11 family members from NYC CAN who share Napolitano’s skepticism.
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If They Get This Crazy for "Discounts" on Items They DON'T NEED...
Source: Submitted: 11/29/2010
If Americans will act like psychotic animals just to save 50 bucks, then what in the world will they do when they have lost everything and are desperate to survive?

All of us had better hope and pray that an economic collapse does not happen any time soon, because it is becoming increasingly apparent that the American people are not morally equipped to be able to handle one.
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The author makes an excellent point...

Most people (unfortunately) have no idea that "food" does not come from a grocery store. The shelves can be emptied in an hour and they won't magically "replenish" themselves to meet an unmeetable surge in demand.. If you're "lucky enough" to be in the middle of a crazed mob fighting for whatever you can get, there is no telling how long that "little" is going to have to last you and your family.

So, for the hundredth time, I hope that you (like me) have eliminated the NEED to ever go out into a situation like that. It's very simple: Buy some storable food and a few other supplies. Worst case scenario, you can use them (whether there is an emergency situation or not.) It beats the Hell out of the alternative.

I've purchased a lot of my supplies from this company:
FBI apparently set up US teen blamed for fake car bomb
Source: Submitted: 11/28/2010
American teenager was apparently set up by federal law enforcement officials who posed as radical Islamic fighters and lured the young man into a plot he believed would lead him to detonate a car bomb at an Oregon Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  Read full article »
Over and over again, we see the same story. For me, this only confirms how easily "government" can create terrorism / terrorists to serve its needs.

Plan A: If you just need a normal injection of "fear," you stop the attacker(s) that you created.

Plan B: If you’re looking for a little more (like the 1993 World Trade Center attack), you "drop the ball."
Dr. Blaylock: Body Scanners More Dangerous Than Feds Admit
Source: Submitted: 11/28/2010
--One of the main concerns is that most of the energy from the airport scanners is concentrated on the surface of the skin and a few millimeters into the skin. Some very radiation-sensitive tissues are close to the skin — such as the testes, eyes, and circulating blood cells in the skin.

This is why defenders using such analogies as the dose being “1,000-times less than a chest X-ray” and “far less than what passengers are exposed to in-flight” are deceptive. Radiation damage depends on the volume of tissue exposed.

--As for the assurances we have been given by such organization as the American College of Radiology, we must keep in mind that they assured us that the CT scans were safe and that the radiation was equal to one chest X-ray. Forty years later we learn that the dose is extremely high, it is thought to have caused cancer in a significant number of people, and the dose is actually equal to 1,000 chest X-rays.
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Did TSA cave on scanners for Thanksgiving rush?
Source: Submitted: 11/27/2010
News reports on Thursday declared the National Opt-Out Day protest against TSA screening procedures a bust, noting short wait times at airport security screening and TSA reports that there wasn't any spike in passengers opting out of body scanners.

But reports from travelers and local news sources suggest that at some of the busiest airports in the US the TSA has backed down and resorted to using the old screening procedures -- metal detectors and less-intrusive pat-downs.
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I guess that would be a good way to reduce the number of people "opting out" of body scans. (Simply turn off the machines.)

Then all you've got to do (to complete the deception) is have the media report "very few opt outs...looks like the protest was a bust."
China-Russia currency agreement further threatens U.S. dollar
Source: Submitted: 11/26/2010
--The dollar reserve currency status allows the U.S. to run up high deficits and have its debt be denominated in the U.S. dollar, which in turn enables it to print unlimited dollars and inflate its way out of debt. America, understandably, wants to protect these privileges.

In fact, some allege that the U.S. wants to protect this status so badly that it invaded Iraq because the country began selling oil in euros instead of dollars. Now, the U.S. is allegedly threatening Iran because of the country's desire to use euros or Russian rubles in oil transactions.

Meanwhile, China and Russia are gradually revolting against the U.S. dollar. This latest move to shift bilateral trade away from it is significant in itself because China-Russian trade -- previously denominated in dollars -- is currently around $40 billion per year. For Russia, trade with China is larger than trade with the U.S.
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The Label All Milk Drinkers Should Look Out For
Source: Submitted: 11/25/2010
A few years ago, a number of U.S. states tried to ban "rbGH-free" claims on dairy. Monsanto, which owned rbGH at the time, helped found a group called AFACT, which supported the bans. AFACT was unsuccessful in most states, but it looked like they might win in Ohio, where the fight went to the courts.

Recently, however, the Ohio court came to its decision. First, they ruled that milk in Ohio can still bear an "rbGH-free" label as long as it also bears the disclaimer stating that, "[t]he FDA has determined that no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-supplemented and non-rbST-supplemented cows."

But there's more important news out of Ohio -- the court also challenged the FDA's finding that there is "no measurable compositional difference" between milk from rbGH-treated cows and milk from untreated cows. This FDA finding has been the major roadblock to rbGH regulation, and the court struck it down.
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TSA: Keeping you safe (Video)
Source: YouTube Submitted: 11/21/2010
.  Watch here »
Can Our Heresies Benefit You?
Source: Submitted: 11/19/2010
--We're considered "heretics" on many issues by many people for the simple reason that we are philosophically and constitutionally consistent.

* We oppose BOTH gun control and drug prohibition for the same fundamental reason

* We oppose BOTH foreign aid AND wars that are not formally declared by Congress

* We believe there should be no federal restrictions on pornography OR campaign finance laws, for the same First Amendment reasons

* And we seek to dismantle both the bloated federal welfare state AND the bloated Pentagon budget

We are "heretics" because we adhere consistently to the philosophy behind the Constitution. But most people don't do that. They make exceptions, even if that results in contradictions. They are inconsistent, and ruthlessly so. This means . . .
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DHS Source: TSA Infuriated With Coverage Of Nationwide Backlash
Source: Submitted: 11/17/2010
--Pistole points to the example of underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as the reason why Americans need to submit to “groin checks” and have their testicles squeezed by goons in uniforms.

However, it was the US State Department that allowed Abdulmutallab to board Delta Flight 253 despite the fact that his father warned the US State Department about him a month before, he was on a terror watchlist and was aided through security by a sharp-dressed Indian man.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010 is NATIONAL OPT-OUT DAY!
Source: Submitted: 11/14/2010
--The government should not have the ability to virtually strip search anyone it wants. The problem is compounded in that if you do not want to go through the naked body scanner, the government has made the alternative perhaps worse! In an effort to try and make everyone comply with the scanners, the government has instituted "enhanced" pat downs. There are reports from travelers across the country about how the TSA now touches the genitals and private areas of men, women and children in a much more aggressive manner. We do not believe the government has a right to see you naked or aggressively feel you up just because you bought an airline ticket.  Read full article »
War Over Monsanto Gets Ugly
Source: Submitted: 11/14/2010
--Dr. Carrasco and a colleague locked themselves in a car as the mob yelled threats and beat on the vehicle for two hours. One delegate was hit in the spine and has since suffered lower-body paralysis. Another person was treated for blows to the head. A former provincial human rights official was hit in the face and knocked unconscious.

--Carrasco is a lead embryologist at the University of Buenos Aires Medical School and the Argentinean national research council. His study, first released in 2009 and published in the United States this past summer, shows that glyphosate-based herbicides like Monsanto's popular Roundup formula caused deformations in chicken embryos that resembled the kind of birth defects being reported in areas like La Leonesa, where big agribusinesses depend on glyphosate to treat genetically engineered crops.
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WOW! Fair Coverage of Building 7 on Fox News (Video - Recommended)
Source: Fox Submitted: 11/13/2010
.  Watch here »
See also
EU Chief: It's a "Lie and an Illusion" to Believe in Sovereign Nations
Source: Submitted: 11/11/2010
--Mr Van Rompuy’s speech in the German capital told his audience that ‘the time of the homogenous nation state is over’.

--‘In every member state, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world. It is more than an illusion – it is a lie.’
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New Tools at DownsizeDC will allow you to see...
Source: Submitted: 11/11/2010
*The number of DC Downsizers in YOUR Congressional district -- wouldn't you like to know this number?

* The number of active users of the Educate the Powerful System in YOUR Congressional district -- are there other people near you pressuring Congress the same way you are? This tool will tell you.

* The number of letters sent to Congress from YOUR district -- surely this matters more to you than the national number (though you'll still have access to that number too)

---Our new focus is going to be LOCAL -- IN YOUR DISTRICT!
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Meg McLain Singled out by the TSA, Cuffed to a Chair, Her Ticket Ripped up
Source: Submitted: 11/11/2010
The TSA chose Meg McLain for special screening. They wanted her to go through the new porno-scanners. When she opted out, TSA agents raised an enormous ruckus.  Watch here »
They scream "OPT OUT" to embarrass the person who is protecting their right to privacy and discourage others from doing the same. Next time, it would be nice if others, in line, would immediately begin saying "I OPT OUT TOO." Their tactic would quickly lose its power if enough people had the courage (dignity?) to do this.
Peter Schiff: "Drowning in Debt" (Video)
Source: Submitted: 11/10/2010
"Do something, DON'T go down with a sinking ship. You don't have a lot of time to protect your wealth. A lot of Americans...MOST Americans...are gonna be BANKRUPTED in this process..."  Watch here »
A person on facebook asked where to buy gold and silver. I replied:

If you want to support a company that is trying to "wake people up," is highly rated with the BBB and often has competitive prices. California Numismatic ( is another company that I've purchased from and they (usually) are the cheapest for Bullion Coins (which I recommend.)

Here is a short article that explains some other things that are worth considering:
Lack of Deceleration Proves Use of Explosives (with Video)
Source: Submitted: 11/09/2010
Many people who think they have been keeping up with the revelations of the last several years about the destruction of the three high-rises in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, will nonetheless be surprised to discover that the falling upper section of WTC 1 exhibited no measurable deceleration when it impacted the lower section. This is a startling revelation because it adds to the collection of “smoking guns” proving that the “collapse” of that building was not caused by the jetliner impact and ensuing fires.  Read full article »
Federal Reserve Banksters Return to Jekyll Island to Celebrate 100 Years of Dominance
Source: Submitted: 11/07/2010
The Federal Reserve is going back to Jekyll Island to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the infamous 1910 Jekyll Island meeting that spawned the draft legislation that would ultimately create the U.S. Federal Reserve. The title of this conference is "A Return to Jekyll Island: The Origins, History, and Future of the Federal Reserve", and it will be held on November 5th and 6th in the exact same building where the original 1910 meeting occurred. In November 1910, the original gathering at Jekyll Island included U.S. Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department A.P. Andrews and many representatives from the upper crust of the U.S. banking establishment. That meeting was held in an environment of absolute and total secrecy. 100 years later, Federal Reserve bureaucrats will return to Jekyll Island once again to "celebrate" the history and the future of the Federal Reserve.

Sadly, most Americans have no idea how the Federal Reserve came into being. Forbes magazine founder Bertie Charles Forbes was perhaps the first writer to describe the secretive nature of the original gathering on Jekyll Island in a national publication....
 Read full article »
For a short / free book on this topic, go to:
Ron Paul : What If
Source: YouTube Submitted: 11/07/2010
"...What if the American people woke up and understood that the "official reasons" for going to war are almost ALWAYS based on lies and promoted by war propaganda in order to serve special interests..."  Watch here »
Keynesian Economists vs. Austrian Economists (Video)
Source: Submitted: 11/06/2010
.  Watch here »
The Fuzzy Logic Of Useful Idiots
Source: Neithercorp.US Submitted: 11/04/2010
--The useful idiot is not just the guy chugging down GMO milk filled with udder puss, anyone can do that and not be useful. No, the useful idiot is the FDA official or the corporately paid scientist who SELLS us on the purity of the milk. He’s the local dentist who laughs at you when you question the safety of all that fluoride accumulation in your bloodstream. She’s the nurse who threatens to call CPS because you don’t want your newborn baby injected with half a dozen mercury laced vaccines two months after they exit the womb. The useful idiot is the guy who received his standardized academic neuron rinse but never learned that the first rule of academia used to be ‘question everything’.

--Participation, for the useful idiot, is not about making a difference; it is about feeling like they are making a difference. In some cases, it’s about “hope”, but not real or effective action. In other cases, it’s about vengeance and malice, but not justice or integrity. In either scenario, the key missing factor is the truth, which is neglected or traded for a quick boost in self esteem. This makes the useful idiot the prime target of elitist disinformation. Nearly all criminal actions by governments receive their primary support from this portion of the citizenry exactly because they are so ridiculously eager. They are the zombie ditch diggers of the globalist infrastructure, chopping away at our liberties in search of brains.
 Read full article »
Admitted Acts of State-Sponsored ("False Flag") Terrorism
Source: Submitted: 11/03/2010
-- * According to the Washington Post, Indonesian police admit that the Indonesian military killed American teachers in Papua in 2002 and blamed the murders on a Papuan separatist group in order to get that group listed as a terrorist organization.

* The well-respected former Indonesian president also admits that the government probably had a role in the Bali bombings

* As reported by BBC, the New York Times, and Associated Press, Macedonian officials admit that the government murdered 7 innocent immigrants in cold blood and pretended that they were Al Qaeda soldiers attempting to assassinate Macedonian police, in order to join the "war on terror".
 Read full article »
Ralph Nader's "Ten Questions for Tea Partiers"
Source: Submitted: 10/28/2010
--My guess is that most Tea Partiers come from the conservative wing of the Republican Party who are fed up with both the corporate Republicans like Bush and Cheney, as well as the Democrats like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

With the above in mind, the following questions can serve to go beyond abstractions and generalizations of indignation and get to some more specific responses.
 Read full article »
GOOD NEWS at DownsizeDC! We have a Congressional sponsor!
Source: Submitted: 10/28/2010
--I met Representative Thompson when I spoke to the SVRTP this past weekend. Mr. Thompson shook my hand and pledged that, when the new Congressional term starts in 2011, he will introduce . . .

* The Read the Bills Act
* The One Subject at a Time Act
* And the Write the Laws Act

Plus, he's already one of 70 co-sponsors for the Enumerated Powers Act.
 Read full article »
Forced Abortion: Dream Of The Scientific Elite (with Video)
Source: Submitted: 10/27/2010
--36-year-old Xiao Aiying was eight months pregnant when twelve government officials entered her house, brutally beating and kicking her in the stomach before dragging her kicking and screaming to a state hospital. Her crime? She had conceived a second child and failed to pay the mandatory $40,000 dollar fine for breaking China’s notorious one child policy.

Aiying was held down and forcibly injected with drugs to kill the baby. The woman, “who was filmed in hospital with large bruises on her arms and her dead child still inside her, said: “I have had this baby, feeling it moving around and around my belly. Can you imagine how I feel now,” reports the Daily Mail.

The vast majority of people would find such a story repulsive, but if White House science czar John P. Holdren and a legion of like-minded eugenicists are allowed to implement their autocratic population control measures, forced abortion could be coming to America. This is the dream of the scientific elite who have indoctrinated the globe to embrace the sick religion of eugenics and population control.
 Watch here »
Why Monsanto is paying farmers to spray its rivals’ herbicides
Source: Submitted: 10/24/2010
--If you tend large plantings of Monsanto's "Roundup Ready" soy or cotton, genetically engineered to withstand application of the company's Roundup herbicide (which will kill the weeds -- supposedly -- but not the crops), Monsanto will cut you a $6 check for every acre on which you apply at least two other herbicides. One imagines farmers counting their cash as literally millions of acres across the South and Midwest get doused with Monsanto-subsidized poison cocktails.

The move is the latest step in the abject reversal of Monsanto's longtime claim: that Roundup Ready technology solved the age-old problem of weeds in an ecologically benign way. The company had developed a novel trait that would allow crops to survive unlimited lashings of glyphosate, Monsanto's then-patent-protected, broad-spectrum herbicide. It was kind of a miracle technology. Farmers would no longer have to think about weeds; glyphosate, which killed everything but the trait-endowed crop, would do all the work. Moreover, Monsanto promised, Roundup was less toxic to humans and wildlife than the herbicides then in use; and it allowed farmers to decrease erosion by dramatically reducing tillage -- a common method of weed control.

--Today, there are no fewer than 10 weed species resistant to Roundup, thriving "in at least 22 states infesting millions of acres," The New York Times recently reported. And the ways farmers are responding to them are hardly ecologically sound: jacked-up application rates of Roundup, supplemented by other, harsher poisons.
 Read full article »
All Saturated Fats Are Not Created Equal
Source: Submitted: 10/23/2010
--for about the last 60 years the majority of health care officials and the media have been telling you saturated fats are bad for your health and lead to a host of negative consequences, like elevated cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Meanwhile during this same 60 years the American levels of heart disease, obesity, elevated serum cholesterol and Alzheimer's have skyrocketed compared to our ancestors, and even compared to modern-day primitive societies using saturated fat as a dietary staple.

Did you know that multiple studies on Pacific Island populations who get 30-60% of their total caloric intact from fully saturated coconut oil have all shown nearly non-existent rates of cardiovascular disease?[1]

--The fact is, all saturated fats are not created equal. The operative word here is "created", because some saturated fats occur naturally, while other fats are artificially manipulated into a saturated state through the man-made process called hydrogenation.
 Read full article »
Global warming propagandist slapped down
Source: Submitted: 10/22/2010
--Through his position, Connolley for years kept dissenting views on global warming out of Wikipedia, allowing only those that promoted the view that global warming represented a threat to mankind. As a result, Wikipedia became a leading source of global warming propaganda, with Connolley its chief propagandist.

His career as a global warming propagandist has now been stopped, following a unanimous verdict that came down today through an arbitration proceeding conducted by Wikipedia. In the decision, a slap-down for the once-powerful Connolley by his peers, he has been barred from participating in any article, discussion or forum dealing with global warming. In addition, because he rewrote biographies of scientists and others he disagreed with, to either belittle their accomplishments or make them appear to be frauds, Wikipedia barred him — again unanimously — from editing biographies of those in the climate change field.
 Read full article »
Over $8,000 Per Month to Push Drugs
Source: Submitted: 10/21/2010
If you've ever left a doctor's appointment feeling like you've just received a drug sales pitch, you now have a place to go to find out just how much influence pharmaceutical companies may have in your doctor's office.

A new database compiled by the national investigative news organization ProPublica lays bare the financial relationships between seven pharmaceutical companies and the nation's physicians -- relationships that can amount to more than $100,000 a year for promoting drugs to others in the medical profession.

--In Ohio, the pharmaceutical data reveal that 15 physicians each received more than $100,000 from one or more of the seven drug companies from January 2009 to June 2010. Six of these physicians practice in the greater Cleveland area.
 Read full article »
If You’re Not an Extremist, You’re Not Paying Attention
Source: Center for a Stateless Society Submitted: 10/20/2010
--What it comes down to is that the “mainstream consensus” is manufactured — manufactured by the very institutions that depend on it for their survival. One of the most important functions in any society is the cultural apparatus, whose job is to reproduce a population that accepts the system of power as legitimate and as the only natural or inevitable way of doing things. The range of “mainstream” or “moderate” policy proposals, by definition, encompasses only those policies that can be carried out within the existing framework of dominant institutions, by the kinds of people currently running them. Any proposal that requires fundamental changes in the institutional framework or structure of power is, by definition, “extremist.”

You should also bear in mind that the fundamental structure of power itself did not, in fact, come about through a general public consensus in which “we as a society agreed” that things ought to be this way. It came about as a radical change, imposed from above, by the consensus of a small minority of society. The corporate economy that emerged in the Gilded Age was brought about by a tiny minority of plutocrats who exercised unaccountable control of the government. The transformation of the corporate economy into the full-blown managerial state capitalism of the 20th century, likewise, was brought about by a tiny fraction of the population with no real debate in society at large.
 Read full article »
Infowars Moneybomb raises over $410,000
Source: Submitted: 10/17/2010
--Thanks to your generous support, further construction on our new media studio and offices will now move forward. The studio will soon encompass 14,000 square feet and be used to produce and deliver multiple programs every week and reach even more people and arm them with the vital information needed to confront the global crime syndicate. The studio will soon be equipped with cameras, lighting, switchers, computers, office equipment, and will have the additional staff needed to make this expansion of the infowar a reality.  Read full article »
Here is a link to the total:
Horrific medical tests of past raise concerns for today
Source: MSNBC Submitted: 10/17/2010
--Cutler, who went to his grave defending the Tuskegee experiment, directly inoculated unknowing prisoners in Guatemala with syphilis and also encouraged them to have sex with diseased prostitutes for his research from 1946-48.

It’s easy to think he was a rogue doctor or a mad scientist. But his work was sponsored by lauded organizations such as the United States Public Health Service, the National Institutes of Health with collaboration of the Pan American Health Sanitary Bureau (now the Pan American Health Organization), and the Guatemalan government.

--Some of the best researchers in America were involved with Tuskegee and the Guatemalan syphilis studies. That was no guarantee that what they did was ethical then — nor is it now.
 Read full article »
" do good or to do no harm."

Compare the aforementioned with the pictures / information provided here:
Where Are Your Organic Eggs Really Coming From? (Video)
Source: Submitted: 10/11/2010
Separating factory farm egg production from authentic organic agriculture.  Watch here »
The video is about 5 minutes. Here is a link to their "organic-egg-producers" scorecard.
BCCI: Inside the Global Banking Intelligence Complex
Source: Submitted: 10/08/2010
--While investigating BCCI operations, I began to clearly understand for the first time how the Global Banking Intelligence Complex runs both political parties in the United States. After years of researching and investigating BCCI, I’ve come to understand how power really operates, who the real power players are and how the mainstream media, which is tightly controlled by these forces, keeps the American public in the dark and marginalized by never reporting on the roots of power. The harsh truth is that American democracy and the rule of law are an illusion.  Read full article »
19 pages, worth taking the time to print and read.
Foreclosure-Gate Explained on The Ratigan Show (Video )
Source: MSNBC Submitted: 10/07/2010
.  Watch here »
10/06/10: Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano on the Federal Reserve (Video)
Source: YouTube Submitted: 10/07/2010
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5 Things You Need To Know About Roadblocks
Source: Submitted: 10/07/2010
The National Motorists Association opposes the use of roadblocks, period. The only justification for stopping citizens under a roadblock scenario is to warn them of an unseen peril that could cause injury or death to an unsuspecting motorist.

So-called “sobriety check points,” or seat belt checks, or the myriad of other excuses the government concocts to harass and intimidate its citizens through the use of roadblocks are, in our opinion unconstitutional and in direct contradiction to any honest definition of freedom.
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The Art Of The Bug-Out Bag
Source: Submitted: 10/05/2010
--The bug-out-bag offers you a CHANCE at survival when all else seems lost. This is its purpose. The more ingenuity invested in the design of your BOB, the better your chance will be. Finding items and tools that streamline efficiency, space, weight, or serve two or more functions at once is crucial in organizing a high performance pack. In this way, building a BOB becomes a sort of art form. In this article, we will go over some great methods for taking your bug-out-bag to the next level.  Read full article »
Bob Schulz responds to false and misleading TIME magazine story
Source: Submitted: 10/04/2010
--There are so many falsehoods in what was attributed to me that I cannot address them all in this letter. I will take them up with TIME management.

For the record, I have never advocated violence, I do not and have never belonged to any militia, nor do I communicate with militias or influence militias in any way that I am aware of. However, I do fully support the Constitution’s guarantee of well-regulated militias in every State. To quote the mandate of the second Amendment, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Therefore, the absence of well-regulated Militias in every State is repugnant to the constitution.

This article serves neither the truth nor the People of this nation. While it wastes thousands of words regurgitating the intricate details of militia activities, their confrontations with government officials, and a handful of blatantly criminal acts, the article fails to address the fundamental "secret" re-invigorating the Patriot consciousness of Americans across the land.

The "secret" that the mainstream media appears to have an extreme aversion against putting forward or openly discussing, is that over many administrations, with the support of both Parties, the federal government has all but abandoned our Constitution.
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Genetically Modified Foods: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Source: Submitted: 10/04/2010
--Irina Ermakova, a senior scientist at the Russian National Academy of Sciences, was shocked to discover that more than half of the baby rats in her experiment died within three weeks. She had fed the mothers GM soy flour purchased at a supermarket. The babies from mothers fed natural non-GMO soy, however, only suffered a 10% death rate. She repeated her experiment three times with similar results.

Dr. Ermakova reported her preliminary findings at a conference in October 2005, asking the scientific community to replicate her study. Instead, she was attacked and vilified. Her boss told her to stop doing anymore GM food research. Samples were stolen from her lab, and a paper was even set fire on her desk. One of her colleagues tried to comfort her by saying, “Maybe the GM soy will solve the overpopulation problem.”
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