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Flashback: The 911 Truth Movement
Source: Submitted: 09/12/2011
The main goal of the 9/11 truth movement is (logically enough) to uncover the truth of what really happened on 9/11.

Those charged with writing the official government theory (the 9/11 Commission) promised us "the fullest possible account." However, by limiting the parameters of their investigation (to "avoid placing blame") their stated goal became impossible. Vital evidence was ignored and, even when they suspected they were being lied to, nobody was held accountable.

Working within this limited framework, the 9/11 Commission COULD NOT do its job. As such, its job has not been done. The truly independent investigation American citizens fought so hard to secure has yet to commence. In short: We're not demanding another investigation; we're still demanding the first one.
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Verifiable Media Timeline of 9/11 Facts
Source: Submitted: 09/11/2011
--We limit our sources on this 9/11 timeline to the mainstream media. It's not that one can only trust the major media. Much of the best reporting today is coming from alternative media. Yet many people are initially very skeptical. Some of the 9/11 timeline facts below are very hard to believe. Yet remember that each entry is reported by respected mainstream media sources and can easily be verified by clicking on the links provided to the original source. After seeing the importance of what's being hidden, you will very likely want to join in working together to build a brighter future.  Read full article »
Source: Submitted: 09/11/2011
--The best way to bypass rational thought is through extreme emotion. Politicians know it. Used car salesmen know it. Moviemakers know it. Dragging people around by their emotions is relatively easy, compared to dragging them around by their intellects. If you want to manipulate and control someone, using emotion is your best bet. Showing people heart-breaking images of starving children, and then asking for donations. Scaring people with some horrible threat, and then asking them to support your method of prevention. Showing people a grave injustice, and then asking them to lash out at the perpetrators. If you want to influence someone's thoughts and actions, appealing to their feelings will work a lot more often than appealing to their ability to think. Likewise, if someone wants to deceive and manipulate you, you can bet it will be through emotion.

--Ten years ago today, some truly horrible things happened, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans. That much, no one doubts. But what exactly happened, and who was responsible, has been debated ever since. Well, perhaps "debate" is not the right word, because the discussion has been more often emotional than rational. Understandably, even years after it happened, many people are still unable to think about the events of 9/11/01 in any sort of detached, neutral, objective way.

My goal here is not to provide piles of evidence about the events of 9/11, or to give any sort of comprehensive theory about what all really happened. Instead, my goal here is to address what has to come first: open-minded, rational thought--something most Americans are unable or unwilling to engage in. Before evidence matters, people have to dare to look at evidence. Before a hypothesis can be worth anything, people must be willing to consider different possibilities. And most Americans are not.
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My next book will be done at the end of the year, it's a novel. In it, the antagonist (Howard) brags about how easy it is to control the ‘inferior class.’ There are many tactics used to drive the herd, but emotional manipulation is at the top of the list for precisely the reasons spelled out in the article above…Or, as Howard says: “Emotions are easier to manipulate than evidence.”
Remembrance and Solidarity on September 11, 2011
Source: Submitted: 09/10/2011
Those who cling to the official story of 9/11 because it affirms their sense of purpose in the world would have the rest of us believe that questioning the official story is a dishonor to those who died, and an offense to their families.

This could not be further from the truth, for the pursuit of truth always has been and always will be led by those who lost their loved ones on September 11, 2001.

It was the 9/11 families whose relentless campaigning led to the formation of the 9/11 Commission. It was their leadership that established the moral framework for millions of concerned citizens to join the pursuit of truth. It is their perseverance, despite the passage of time, that continues to inspire millions to fight.

On the 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, let us remember that the most meaningful way to honor those who died is to continue to fight for the truth.

We thank you for standing with NYC CAN and with the 9/11 family members, first responders and survivors NYC CAN represents.
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Ron Paul Highlights in 9/7/2011 Presidential Debate (Video)
Source: MSNBC Submitted: 09/07/2011
.  Watch here »
For previous debates and other interviews, go to
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Lies
Source: Submitted: 09/07/2011
Homeland Security has been caught lying again and again about airport security in a bid to undermine genuine privacy concerns.  Read full article »
A nice long list of lies (and references) are provided in the article above.
New Ron Paul ad "Trust" (Video)
Source: Submitted: 09/06/2011
.  Watch here »
A poster at Youtube wrote:

"This ad is kind of like baby food for wishy washy Republicans and comes close to insulting the intelligence of Ron Paul supporters.

I'm not complaining though, because there's no point in preaching to the choir now. He's got to focus on winning, and sadly the only way to do that is to reach out to the majority - people who don't have the time or don't care to do their own research on the candidates."

Unfortunately, I agree and would only add that it will probably alienate a lot of 'liberals' who are thinking about crossing over because they're ready for some real 'hope and change' in our nation's foreign policy. (The Establishment-preferred Perry needs to be outed for what he is, it just would have been nice if it were done more tactfully.)
CNN: New Footage Of United 93 Aftermath Surfaces (Video)
Source: Submitted: 09/05/2011
From Huffington Post: On Sunday night, CNN anchor Susan Hendricks introduced new footage from the immediate aftermath of United Flight 93, which crashed into a field in rural Pennsylvania on 9/11. The clip was recorded by an unnamed man —apparently now dead — who watched smoke rise from the crash site about 15 miles from the point of impact. In it, the narrator/cameraman calmly describes the scene unfolding in front of him, and says that he is already watching TV coverage of the Pentagon and World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Only now has the man's family authorized the video to be released.  Watch here »
Philadelphia exurb ends water fluoridation
Source: Submitted: 09/04/2011
(NaturalNews) We can only hope that the recent surge in American communities voting to end water fluoridation is an omen to the eventual end of this abominable and toxic practice across the entire country. A recent report in the The Mercury explains that officials in Pottstown, Penn., a northwest exurb of Philadelphia with over 21,000 residents, have decided to stop fluoridating the borough's public water supply.  Read full article »
Dear Federal Government: Go to Hell
Source: Submitted: 09/04/2011
--In 1996, when my home state of California decided to opt out of federal drug laws by allowing marijuana to be used for medical purposes, they were going it alone. But, soon other states recognized not only their own ability, but the possible benefit of opting out of this particular federal program. Today, fifteen states are doing so, and they're increasingly getting away with it.

A few years ago, the ACLU championed state-level opposition to the 2005 REAL ID Act, which required states to follow federal guidelines in issuing driver’s licenses. Since then, over half the states enacted legislation against participation, and all had applied for or received extensions by the 2008 deadline.

Here we are six years later and it’s still not fully implemented, because states just won’t do it.

States "opting out" of federal programs (at the Tenth Amendment Center, we refer to it as "nullification") can be a pretty effective strategy. Far more effective than "voting the bums out" or writing a letter to federal politicians, in my opinion.
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In Libya, Former Enemy Is Recast in Role of Ally
Source: Submitted: 09/03/2011
Yes, he said, he was detained by Malaysian officials in 2004 on arrival at the Kuala Lumpur airport, where he was subjected to extraordinary rendition on behalf of the United States, and sent to Thailand. His pregnant wife, traveling with him, was taken away, and his child would be 6 before he saw him.

In Bangkok, Mr. Belhaj said, he was tortured for a few days by two people he said were C.I.A. agents, and then, worse, they repatriated him to Libya, where he was thrown into solitary confinement for six years, three of them without a shower, one without a glimpse of the sun.

Now this man is in charge of the military committee responsible for keeping order in Tripoli, and, he says, is a grateful ally of the United States and NATO.
 Read full article »
Funded, trained, equipped and 'assisted' into power by Western 'policy makers,' a new puppet regime emerges. The regime will control Libya's resources, for the benefit of its masters, and if it fails to follow orders we will see Libya (once again) ‘liberated from tyranny.’
The War on Raw Milk
Source: Submitted: 08/31/2011
--In his report, Dr. Beals writes:

"From the perspective of a national public health professional looking at an estimated total of 48,000,000 foodborne illnesses each year [from all foods]… there is no rational justification to focus national attention on raw milk, which may be associated with an average of 42 illnesses maximum among the more than nine million people (about 0.0005 percent) who have chosen to drink milk in its fresh unprocessed form."

--The FDA would have you believe pasteurization of milk protects you from deadly pathogens contained in raw milk. The fact is however, that if cows are raised as nature intended (free-range and grass-fed), there is no need to process the milk these healthy animals produce.

However, cows raised in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are NOT raised in a manner that makes their milk suitable for drinking raw.

CAFO cows are typically raised on high-protein, soy-based feeds instead of fresh green grass, and instead of free range grazing, they stand in cramped, manure-covered feed lots all day. These conditions are perfect for the proliferation of disease, and yes, this milk MUST be pasteurized in order for it to be safe to drink. These cows also need antibiotics to keep them well, and some are also given genetically modified growth hormones (rBGH) to increase milk production. Needless to say, these hormones and antibiotics also wind up in the milk.

--The conventional dairy industry, realizing that increasing numbers of consumers are recognizing the safety and health benefits of raw milk, are now redoubling their efforts to make sure that raw milk sales cannot expand. If raw dairy really caught on, you might think that the dairy industry would simply follow suit and begin producing raw products to meet the demand. But this would be virtually impossible with the way their overcrowded farms are run. Their business depends on pasteurization, and that is why their powerful lobbyists will stop at nothing to persuade government agencies to keep raw milk bans in full force.
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Ron Paul Can Win
Source: Submitted: 08/30/2011
"It's hard to tell if the idea that Ron Paul cannot win in 2012 is more ignorant, in its complete lack of historical sophistication, or more arrogant, in its claim to certainty amid all the complexity of 300 million lives and the myriad issues that affect them.

Sometimes, perhaps once in a few generations, a nation can undergo what a mathematician or physicist would call a "phase change."

--(A) "piece of evidence that the nation is close to a phase change and a gestalt switch is the very fact that the prevailing paradigm (from which the mainstream media, established political class, etc., operate) has to ignore huge amounts of data about Ron Paul and the movement around him to continue to make any sense. The studied neglect of data as "irrelevant" is invariably indicative that the neglected data are hugely important. If information doesn't really matter, why go to all the effort of ignoring it?

Specifically, on all the metrics that a year ago everyone accepted as useful indicators of political standing, Ron Paul is not just a front-runner but a strong one.

First, and most directly, he does extremely well in polls. The organization of his grassroots support is not just excellent; it is remarkable, by historic and global measures. His ability to raise money from actual voters is second to none. His appeal to independents and swing voters is an order of magnitude greater than that of his competitors. Secondarily, he has more support from military personnel than all other candidates put together, if measured by donations; he has the most consistent voting record; he has the magical quality of not coming off as a politician; he oozes integrity and authenticity, and, as far as we know, he has a personal life and marriage that reflects deep stability and commitment.

To believe that Ron Paul's victory is a long shot in spite of all standard indicators that directly contradict this claim is to throw out all norms with which we follow our nation's politics -- and that is a huge thing to do."
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Jetman Flight at Grand Canyon West (Video)
Source: Submitted: 08/30/2011
In May 2011, Jetman achieved a beautiful and memorable flight in the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA... and here's the official souvenir video! Many thanks to all who were involved in that adventure!  Watch here »
Take a break and imagine...
'Vaccinated' Outbreaks
Source: Submitted: 08/28/2011
--Medical authorities eager to vaccinate maintain it takes a population vaccination rate of 90% to ensure an "immunized" disease will not break out within that community. This high percentage was contrived as necessary for "herd immunity," which would prevent any outbreak from occurring.

That has been proven false. Basic logic begs the question: Why do so many have to be vaccinated if those who are vaccinated are immune? Could it be that the vaccinated are not really immune. One thing is for certain, vaccinating 90% of all populations creates more revenue.

In 1984, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMRW) of the CDC reported a late 1983 early 1984 Illinois high school/junior high measles outbreak. The total student population was around 400, and ALL of them (100%) had complied with Illinois State Law requiring the complete MMR schedule. (1)
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Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday (Video - Recommended)
Source: Submitted: 08/28/2011
.  Watch here »
The Eugenics Movement & the FDA’s Role
Source: Submitted: 08/28/2011
--One of the leading scientific thinkers on the subject of eugenics in the second half of the 20th century is FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg’s father, psychiatrist David Hamburg, as well as her psychiatrist mother Beatrix Hamburg.

David Hamburg has had a major impact on U.S. government domestic public health as well as international public health and politics. He has been head of the National Institute of Health (NIH) from 1975 to 1980, member of the U.S. Defense Policy Board during the Clinton era, member of president Clinton’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, and member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Preventive Action of the Council on Foreign Relations—to name just a few of his involvements. Omitted from his official bio is his role as director from 1989 to 1991 at the American Eugenics Society (renamed the Society for the Study of Social Biology, SSSB). His wife, Beatrix, served as director in 1983 and as vice president from 1984 to 1990.

--FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg is quite proud of her parents, and her record as New York City Health Commissioner shows she is on the same page as Mom and Dad. When Margaret Hamburg joined her parents in 1994 as one of the all-time youngest members of NIH, she said, “There was a sense of real fun that the father-mother-daughter constellation had been formed.”
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First Circuit Affirms Right to Record the Police
Source: CATO Submitted: 08/27/2011
--This decision is a big deal. The case comes from Massachusetts, one of two states (the other being Illinois) that continues to criminalize recording audio in public. It’s the latest in a string of victories against the Massachusetts wiretapping law that has become a useful tool for police who want to shield their actions from public scrutiny. A Massachusetts District Attorney recently refused to proceed with charges against a woman who recorded a vicious police beating, the D.A. declaring that police officers have no reasonable expectation of privacy while on duty and in public. Cop Block founders Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller were just acquitted on felony wiretapping charges for openly recording their encounter with police officers Massachusetts.

Moving on to the other holdout, Illinois, a woman who surreptitiously recorded Chicago Police Internal Affairs officers trying to persuade her not to file a sexual harassment complaint against police officers was acquitted of felony wiretapping charges. All of this sets the stage for the ACLU v. Alvarez, a lawsuit seeking to prevent future wiretapping charges against citizens who record on-duty police in public.
 Read full article »
After Total Failure -Try, Try Again
Source: Submitted: 08/23/2011
--The Keynesians had their chance. They controlled the Presidency and both houses of Congress. A Keynesian runs the Federal Reserve. They implemented everything they proposed. The $862 billion porkulus program, the $700 billion TARP program, home buyer tax credits, energy efficiency credits, loan modification programs, zero interest rates, QE1 and QE2. They increased social welfare transfers for Social Security, Unemployment Compensation, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans by $600 billion since 2007, a 35% increase in four years. No one has foiled their plans. The Tea Party didn’t really exist until 2010. They didn’t lose the House until November 2010. They cannot blame the Tea Party extremists, but they do.

The Keynesians have successfully increased Federal spending by $1.1 trillion, or 41% since 2007, and are running deficits exceeding 10% of GDP, but they call the Tea Party extremists. Domestic investment is still 9% below 2008 levels as the Federal government has crowded out the small businesses that create the jobs in this country. And now the Keynesians declare we need more stimulus, more programs, more debt, more quantitative easing and lower interest rates. It just wasn’t enough the first time. You have to give the Keynesians credit. Despite the utter absolute failure of every scheme they have implemented, they will worship their models and theories until they successfully collapse our economic system. Then they’ll blame the Tea Party terrorists who foiled their plans.
 Read full article »
Top 3 Common Myths of Capitalism (Video)
Source: Submitted: 08/23/2011
--Myth: Being pro capitalism is the same as being pro business. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The point of capitalism is to make sure that businesses have to compete vigorously against each other and that benefits consumers. It's not good for the businesses per se because they have to work really hard. So, many businesses understand this and they hate capitalism. They are constantly trying to get government to erect various rules, restrictions and regulations that help them but are not in the interests of the consumers.

--Myth: Capitalism was responsible for the recent financial crisis and the recession...that again is almost exactly the opposite of what is true. First of all, nobody who is being intellectually honest thinks we had unbridled or serious capitalism before the crisis hit, before the sub-prime build up occurred, before we had all the housing problems. We had enormous government interventions that subsidized risk, enormous government interventions that encouraged and overinvestment in housing...if one is going to draw any conclusions, it seems to suggest much more clearly that INTERFERING with capitalism generates financial crisis, generates recessions because what we experienced was directly related to the incentives for excessive risk taking and the incentives for overinvestment in housing that were created by government.
 Watch here »
Ron Paul interview - Concord 8/18/11 (Video - HIGHLY Recommended)
Source: Submitted: 08/22/2011
.  Watch here »
A sincere, intelligent, principled and truly QUALIFIED candidate exists. Watch this interview (I watched it over the course of the day, about 20 minutes at a time) and see if you can think of any 'politician' that even comes close.
Prosecutor to drop Strauss-Kahn case
Source: MSNBC Submitted: 08/21/2011
--The case has teetered since late June when prosecutors disclosed that Diallo, a 32-year-old Guinean immigrant, had lied on her U.S. asylum application and about other aspects of her past.

That revelation threatened her credibility as a witness and led prosecutors to agree to release Strauss-Kahn, 62, from house arrest, though he remains barred from leaving the country. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.
 Read full article »
STANEK: What Uncle Warren doesn’t mention about taxes
Source: Submitted: 08/19/2011
Avuncular billionaire investor Warren Buffett on Monday wrote a screed in the New York Times in which he calls for higher taxes on the wealthy because they pay so little in comparison with the little people he professes to want to help.

--One, the federal government could take every single penny of wealth from Uncle Warren and his 400 billionaire friends - confiscate all of the stocks, bonds, real estate and other investments they own - and leave them paupers. The haul would total $1.3 trillion.

The government could take every penny of income from every household that earns $250,000 or more and end up with $1.4 trillion.

That combined $2.7 trillion would not even come close to covering this year’s $3.7 trillion of federal spending.
 Read full article »
Ron Paul August 20th Moneybomb
Source: Submitted: 08/17/2011
As you know, once someone finds out about Ron Paul’s untouchable record on the issues, it’s often not long before they become an enthusiastic supporter. Along with tv ads, our mailings, phone calls, and campaign visits into targeted states speak directly to the voters by presenting Ron Paul’s record without any censoring by establishment gatekeepers.

We don't need the $20 million dollars our opponents have in their special interest-funded war chests.

But we do need the funds to run these programs in the coming weeks. To fully implement our plans for the rest of August and early September, our campaign needs $1.5 million.
 Read full article »
UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who donated, Ron Paul reached his goal plus a couple hundred thousand dollars more. (Over $1.7 Million!)
Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 (Video - Recommended)
Source: Submitted: 08/17/2011
.  Watch here »
This new video from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth boils down the smoking -gun evidence of a WTC7 cover up. It's only 15 minutes long...well worth watching.

If you'd like to support their 10th anniversary TV campaign, you can pledge your support here:
Rick Perry’s Campaign Strategy: Become Ron Paul
Source: Submitted: 08/16/2011
Texas Governor Rick Perry has shown his hand immediately. His presidential campaign strategy consists of attempting to steal away Ron Paul supporters while the mainstream media aids him by refusing to even acknowledge Paul exists.

Perry entered the presidential race on Friday and was instantly hailed by the corporate controlled media as a “top tier” candidate. Meanwhile, Ron Paul was busy romping home to a historic vote total in the Iowa straw poll, coming second only to a phony tea party wannabe in Michelle Bachmann, who could only beat Paul by buying 4000 votes.

As Jon Stewart painstakingly points out the establishment media is manifestly engaged in a concerted effort to completely ignore Paul. Indeed, establishment media talking heads admitted what we’ve been highlighting from the very start – that there is a deliberate policy to sideline and discredit Paul’s campaign.
 Read full article »
Rush Limbaugh Attacks Ron Paul (Video)
Source: Submitted: 08/15/2011
.  Watch here »
Rick Perry VS Ron Paul (Video)
Source: Submitted: 08/14/2011
--“Rick Perry was Al Gore’s chief of staff in Texas in his presidential campaign in 88, look it up.

Rick Perry supported FORCED inoculations of the deadly Gardasil shot that admittedly kills little girls, look that up!

Rick Perry supported the NAFTA Super Highway, the key funding mechanism for the North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership, look it up.

…Rick Perry quietly KILLED the TSA bill...that would stop the groping while CLAIMING he was for it."
 Watch here »
DIY Robot Armies
Source: MSNBC Submitted: 08/14/2011
--"You have high school kids competing in robotics competitions with equipment that 10 years ago would have been considered military-grade," says Peter W. Singer, author of "Wired for War" and a senior fellow at Brookings, who predicts robots on the battlefield will be a paradigm-shifting "revolution in military affairs." First comes the high-tech arms race with China, Israel and all the other nations competing to build their own drones. Then comes the low-cost trickle-down into low-tech wars like Libya’s, where tomorrow’s rag-tag militias fight with DIY drones.

--"There’s no such thing as a first-mover advantage in war," says Singer. "This technology is different than an aircraft carrier. You don’t need a big military infrastructure to use it, or even to build it. This is more akin to the open source movement in software. You’re flattening the battlespace, and the barriers to entry for other actors is falling."
 Read full article »
Tortured American Citizens Can Sue Rumsfed (Video)
Source: Submitted: 08/14/2011
Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel, who worked for a private security firm in the Middle East country, were allegedly beaten and punished for months in 1996 at Camp Cropper near Baghdad before being dumped at the airport without charge.

The pair argue that their rights of 'habeas corpus' - the legal term for unlawful detention - were violated, and are seeking damages from 79-year-old Rumsfeld, who was succeeded by Robert Gates in December 2007, and unnamed others.
 Watch here »
More info here:

And Here,0,3368714.story
Ron Paul Highlights in 8.11.11 Debate (Video)
Source: Submitted: 08/11/2011
.  Read full article »
Gold Hits $1,800 - Peter Schiff on Fox Biz (Video)
Source: Submitted: 08/11/2011
.  Watch here »
Aspartame: Are YOU Still Consuming This Man-Made Poison? (w/ Video)
Source: Submitted: 08/10/2011
--The truth of the matter is the FDA rejected aspartame not once but multiple times. The scientific data just did not support it as a safe product. But the FDA is a federal agency subject to the political winds, and the people in charge of the agency have repeatedly and notoriously been accused of many conflicts of interest, both economically and ethically.

In 1975 the FDA came to the conclusion that aspartame should not be allowed on the market. They requested that further studies be conducted. The FDA's next move was to set up a public board of inquiry composed of outside experts to investigate the safety of aspartame, and in 1980 that board unanimously rejected aspartame's request for approval. According to a 60-Minutes story on aspartame, another internal FDA panel convened in 1980 also rejected aspartame for approval.

So it was three strikes against aspartame at this point, four strikes if you count the Bressler Report. This report was compiled in 1977 after FDA scientists looked into the field studies conducted on aspartame. The Bressler Report uncovered fraud and manipulation of data so serious that the FDA forwarded their files to the Chicago US Attorney's office for prosecution.
 Watch here »
No Chance of Default, US Can Print Money: Greenspan
Source: Submitted: 08/08/2011
"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default" said Greenspan on NBC's Meet the Press.  Read full article »
If you loan me $100 and I only repay $50, I have defaulted. If you loan me $100 and I repay you in a devalued currency (money that is now only worth half as much) I have done the same thing.

If you need more information on how the so-called "Federal Reserve System" operates (how it drives prices up, creates booms and busts, transfers power from the productive class to the parasitic class, destroys the purchasing power of our money, etc.) there is a short / free book available online. (Google "Meet The System")
Al Gore Blows a Fuse: "Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!"
Source: Submitted: 08/08/2011
Former Vice President Al Gore sounded a defeated tone and lamented the utter failure of the man-made global warming movement during a speech to the Aspen Institute in Colorado on August 4, 2011. Gore used multiple curse words in an emotional speech that revealed his deep frustration and all but conceded defeat to global warming skeptics.  Read full article »
A Lawless, Rogue Agency Out of Control
Source: Submitted: 08/07/2011
Ten years ago a former New York State assemblyman, Daniel Haley, wrote a scathing exposé on how the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) systematically shuts the door on effective and non-toxic products, many for cancer.

The FDA is the chief agency in charge of protecting and promoting Americans' health and safety. But in 10 stunning, true stories in his book, "The Politics of Healing," Haley describes how the FDA has suppressed and banned natural health cures – eight of them for cancer. He later wrote about two additional cancer cures that worked, which the FDA also disallowed.

The FDA even admitted that one of these treatments, discovered by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, was successful with some of the most incurable forms of cancer. I shared this with you in a recent article that showed his film, but stories like this are far too common, and you can't help but wonder how many people have died while the FDA denied them cancer treatments that work.

Haley brazenly calls the FDA a rogue, out of control agency that has lied in Congressional testimonies, deliberately falsified data, and destroyed evidence to prohibit cures like Burzynki's from coming to market. The FDA's loyalties are to the drug industry, not to individuals, Haley says.
 Read full article »
Exactly How Big Is This So-Called Al Qaeda?
Source: Submitted: 08/05/2011
--Now please put all these facts in perspective: Ten long years of continuous wars, trillions of dollars, 250,000 military personnel, trillions of dollars worth of intelligence gathering institutions and capabilities, millions of dollars set in rewards for Al Qaeda terrorists, and a supposed network with supposed Al Qaeda active terrorist members in very large numbers. Yet we have less than 1000 detained who have been accused of being Al Qaeda terrorists, and none ever proven to be an active Al Qaeda terrorist member.

Does this make sense to you? Does it make sense as far as the trillions of dollars you have been made to pay for this? What are we talking about here? A massive never-ending war against a fantastical network of technologically and militaristically dwarfed terrorists whose proven guilty members we haven’t been able to catch or kill.
 Read full article »
Pogo's Wisdom
Source: Submitted: 08/05/2011 are some of the comments we've recently received...

"You are traitors. To say that the debt ceiling should not be raised when Congress spent this money and has promised repayment is against our Constitution and the welfare of the United States. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about so I don't want to be associated with the uneducated!"

"I can't believe this orgranization is promoting not raising the debt limit. This will cause undo harm to most Americans. I am unsubscribing and would encourage anyone else who ever took your organization seriously to also forget about you."

"Failing to raise the debt ceiling would cause a new depression in the US. That point is not is not disputed by ANY economists or serious politicians."

Actually, NONE of those charges are true, and we've answered most of these arguments in past Dispatches.

As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Again, most folks reading this message are NOT part of the problem. But we appear to be both surrounded, and even infiltrated by persons who...
 Read full article »
Andrew Napolitano - Recording the Cops (Video)
Source: Freedom Watch Submitted: 08/04/2011
Radley Balko of Reason Magazine joins Judge Napolitano to discuss the wisdom and utility of recording interactions with police.  Watch here »
Feds Caught Shipping Cocaine into U.S. (with Video)
Source: Submitted: 08/03/2011
U.S. federal agents allegedly allowed the Sinaloa drug cartel to traffic several tons of cocaine to the United States in exchange for information about rival cartels, according to court documents filed in a U.S. federal court.  Watch here »
Gold & Silver Beyond the Limit
Source: Submitted: 07/31/2011
Perhaps the debt ceiling should be renamed the "national debt target," for it seems Washington is always trying to reach it. One could say it's their only reliable, time-tested achievement. And without fail, upon reaching their national debt target, they promptly extend it further in order to discover how quickly it can once again be attained!

--Over the past 50 years, the US debt ceiling has been raised over 70 times. In other words, there is no ceiling at all – it is as fictitious as the idea that central planning works, or that the US has anything resembling a "free market."
 Read full article »
The Scientific Dictatorship Explained (with Video)
Source: Submitted: 07/28/2011
--The ideological roots of the Scientific Dictatorship can be traced to the works of Plato some 2,000 years ago. In truth, humanity has been battling the formation of this tyranny for much of known history. The formation of the United States Constitution created a barrier that H. G. Wells wrote in 1901, had “…to be modified or shelved at some stage…” The focus here is on the modern forms of scientific power that began in the 20th Century and are blossoming in the 21st Century.

--The works of Bertrand Russel, Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley, Charles Galton Darwin, H.G. Wells and many others provide the mental framework from which this modern tyranny is based upon. The following are several examples of men who helped form the Scientific Dictatorship of the 21st Century. For readers who are new to this information, what you see here is a small portion of the full kaleidoscope of information available. This will give you a start for any in-depth research that you should decide to do.
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Edwin Vieira, Jr. on the Power Elite, the Police State and Opposing the Authoritarian Trend
Source: Submitted: 07/24/2011
--Daily Bell: Like you, we are far from endorsing the Great Man theory of history. In fact, we believe the forces behind this directed history over the past 500 years anyway are Anglo-American elites. These are basically banking families and their enablers based in Britain, Europe with military and intelligence arms (along with other such families) in Israel and the US. Your thoughts?

Edwin Vieira, Jr: There is no question that this "banking" (or, more descriptively, "financial racketeering") group has been, for a long time, the dominant economic, political, and social force in Western Civilization, and more recently in world civilization. But the cracks in its facade are already widening to a dangerous degree: Its paper-money and credit schemes are in the final stages of Ponzi self-destruction. Its militaristic imperialism has arrived at the point of "overstretch ." Its "social programs" to keep the masses content with "bread and circuses" are proving too expensive to maintain while funding the other major line-items of the imperialistic agenda. Its political and economic fronts of "democracy", "free elections", "two parties", "the rule of law", "freedom of speech", "free markets", "free trade" et cetera ad nauseum, are being exposed as frauds. So the game seems to be up.
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Ron Paul: "We Will Default Because The Debt Is Unsustainable" (Video)
Source: Ron Paul Submitted: 07/23/2011
At 3:40
“Our problem in this country doesn’t come only from the Congress, it comes from the people. The people still have a strong appetite for big-government programs. They’re not willing to cut; they think government can take care of us from cradle to grave and that we can be the policemen of the world. So SOME DAY, we as a country, we as a people and we as a Congress, will have to say: What should the role of government be? The Founders had a pretty strong suggestion. They wrote a Constitution and said ‘the government should be very limited and the government should be protecting our liberties and providing national defense and a sound currency.’ We don’t do any of that! We’ve embarked on a course that was destined to end badly and this is where we are today.”
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UN "Peacekeepers" Going "Green"
Source: Submitted: 07/21/2011
(NaturalNews) The United Nations may soon announce that merely by changing the color of its soldiers' helmets from blue to green, it can intervene in the business of sovereign nations under the guise of so-called "climate change peacekeeping."

As you consider this, keep in mind that the current bombing of infrastructure in Libya is also brazenly called "peacekeeping." In fact, there's hardly a military campaign that's been conducted in the last hundreds years that wasn't sold to the public as a way to create "peace." Now, the UN is on the verge of "waging peace" wearing green helmets instead of blue helmets. The invocation of all things "green," it seems, provides justification for just about anything these days... including war.
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Active Military Donations to Ron Paul (Video)
Source: Submitted: 07/20/2011
Ron Paul not only beat the other Republican candidates in active military donations, he DOUBLED the combined total of all other Republican candidates.

Ron Paul: $36,739
Cain $6,223
Romney $5,000
Bachmann $2,550
Newt $1,025
Pawlenty $250
Santorum $250
Johnson $0

...and he beat the current 'Commander in Chief' (Obama) too.
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New Disease, Animal Miscarriages, Crop Failures & the link to GM Crops / Pesticides
Source: Submitted: 07/19/2011
(NaturalNews) The recent upswing in crop failures and spontaneous animal miscarriages appears to be the result of a deadly new plant disease, suggests a prominent researcher. According to ongoing research being conducted by Emeritus Professor Don Huber from Purdue University in Indiana, this disease is likely a result of genetically-modified (GM) crops and the pesticides and herbicides used to grow them.

--"They're finding anywhere from 20 percent to as much as 55 percent of those [animals] will miscarriage or spontaneously abort," Huber told reporters, concerning farm animals that contact the deadly pathogen as a result of eating GM corn and soybeans. "[The pathogen] will kill a chicken embryo, for instance, in 24-48 hours."
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Ten Years Ago Portugal Legalized All Drugs -- What Happened Next?
Source: Submitted: 07/17/2011
--For those looking for clues about how the U.S. government can tackle its domestic drug problem, the figures are enticing. Following decriminalization, Portugal eventually found itself with the lowest rates of marijuana usage in people over 15 in the EU: about 10%. Compare this to the 40% of people over 12 who regularly smoke pot in the U.S., a country with some of the most punitive drugs laws in the developed world. Drug use of all kinds has declined in Portugal: Lifetime use among seventh to ninth graders fell from 14.01% to 10.6%. Lifetime heroin use among 16-18 year olds fell from 2.5% to 1.8%. And what about those horrific HIV infection rates that prompted the move in the first place? HIV infection rates among drug users fell by an incredible 17%, while drug related deaths were reduced by more than half. "There is no doubt that the phenomenon of addiction is in decline in Portugal," said Joao Goulao, President of the Institute of Drugs and Drugs Addiction, at a press conference to mark the 10th anniversary of the law.  Read full article »
Ron Paul to report $4 million in bank
Source: Submitted: 07/17/2011
Washington (CNN)–Texas Rep. Ron Paul will report Friday evening that he raised more than $4.5 million in the second fundraising quarter and has more than $4 million in available cash for his Republican presidential bid.

Paul, who recently announced that he would not run for another two-year term in the House, has just over $1 million in his congressional campaign account. Federal law permits candidates to take money raised for a congressional campaign and transfer it to a presidential campaign account. Add the roughly $3 million cash on hand Paul has in his presidential account, and the Texas Republican has $4 million available for his White House bid at the midway point of 2011.
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Building The Lifeboats for a Sinking System
Source: Submitted: 07/16/2011
More and more people are becoming aware of the complete system failure we're experiencing in the United States and around the globe. As the true nature of the control system is revealed, people tend to feel as Howard Beale did in Network when he said, "first, you've got to get mad...and scream, I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

But once that anger at being lied to for so long subsides, then we must get on with the business of taking action to make the world more just and hopeful for our children. Many people will take to the streets to protest certain aspects of the current system. Others will do everything in their power to inform or warn their peers of the coming iceberg. Those are good and necessary functions, but they won't stop the Titanic from sinking.

It seems the broken system will continue to take on water despite the best efforts to affect change within it. That's why some are suggesting to jump ship now before they run out of lifeboats. By jump ship, I mean function outside of the system as much as possible. The faulty economic system is only propped up by our belief and support of it. When we operate outside of it using alternative markets, barter systems, local cooperatives, and competing currencies, we not only provide a lifeboat to many frightened passengers, but the paddles as well.
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