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2015 Edition

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How can you help?


  • Start your own news blog / website or just post regularly on message boards.


  •  Make copies of some of the better documentaries and hand them out.




  • Print up flyers that counter disinformation, form arguments that counter the never ending stream of propaganda, confront high-ranking liars, get it on film and POST IT!


Last but not least, continue learning and continue sharing what you've learned. Continue sifting through the available information, find the best evidence, and use it to our advantage. Even if you decide to do nothing more than learn the truth, you've still made a HUGE difference; you've guaranteed that our would-be rulers have one less dupe that they can manipulate into supporting their policies. That alone (if everyone were to do it) would be more than enough. No effort is too little, every effort helps; just do something.


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